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Mult-Language Support

Multi-Language Supoort

We've recently updated our engraved drinkware design tools to support multiple languages including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Hindi, Arabic, Hebrew, and many more. You can now engrave a map of Beijing and inscribe the Chinese characters 北京市 or Seoul in Korean (서울특별시) or Mumbai in Hindi (मुम्बई). We'll be adding more languages over the next few weeks and extending multi-language support to other products as well.



Clara and her mom had always enjoyed a close relationship, but in recent years due to work and family commitments, they were no longer able to spend as much time together as they would like. Despite living at opposite ends of the country, Clara and her mom still made sure they spent at least one holiday a year together, visiting Maine to enjoy the spectacular colors every Fall. Not wanting to get her mom just an ordinary gift for Mother’s Day, Clara decided that a Custom Map Tote Bag with their beloved town in Maine (Bethel, ME).

The Best Housewarming Gifts

The Best Housewarming Gifts

Housewarming is a pretty self-explanatory tradition, but did you know it all began back in early modern France? Before people had central heating in their homes, friends and family would join you for a housewarming party by bringing firewood as a gift to literally warm your home! Things have changed somewhat since then and we now congratulate new homeowners with gifts including house plants, champagne, candles and chocolates.

The ultimate gift pairing guide

The Ultimate Gift Pairing Guide

The story you wish to tell can sometimes be better accomplished by pairing items of particularly significance. Want to surprise someone with a vacation to the beach - pair a bottle of sunscreen with some sandals. Remebering your time in college with an old friend - pair a school t-shirt with a DVD of a show you watched together. We've gathered some additional gift pairing examples belowing featuring our map related products. Maps are great for story telling, and by pairing them with a related item, you can really tell the perfect story with the perfect gift.

10 minute history of Maps

A 10-minuted history of the map

Maps are all around us in our day to day life. We plan the quickest routes with online maps, we check our stop on subway maps, we use tourist maps to guide us around some of the world's most famous destinations, and we plot trails on topography maps when we are adventuring through the wilderness. To celebrate our love for maps, we've written this entry to provide an overview of cartography and its vibrant history!

Introducing Topographic Maps

Topographical Maps

We find topographic maps both fascinating and beautiful to look at and felt inspired to add these to our map collection. In honor of all those who dare to climb some of the highest mountains and explore the world's most exotic landscapes, we've compiled a list of the 10 most geologically inspiring places in the world.

Happy Valentine's Day

Groomsmen Gift Guide

Choosing your groomsman may have been easy for you or something you mulled over for weeks. We completely understand! It’s an important decision. Now that you have picked your main man, maybe a few or even more, it’s time to pick the perfect gift to say a big thank you to your best pals for being there and supporting you on one of the biggest days of your life.

Happy Valentine's Day

Coffee to go in San Francisco

We love hearing from you and the reasons behind why you choose a particular map to engrave on one of our products. As many of you will agree, a map of somewhere we love can hold so many special memories for us. Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, we have to share this cute story from one of our customers, that has made us feel all romantic in the office.

Introducing Midnight Series Custom Engraved Map Drinkware

Midnight Series

Our popular custom map drinkware is now available in cool and intimate Midnight editions. These high-quality drinkware are painted in durable matte black paint. Your custom map designs are then laser etched with our advanced MOPA fiber laser system, cutting just deep enough to reveal the stainless steel. The results are truly fantastic, with a high-constrast finish that looks and feels simply luxurious.

Introducing Map Prints featuring Our unique and original map styles

Introducing Map Prints

We are super-excited to announce prints featuring our beautiful and original map designs. Like all of our map products, you can pick any location in the world just by typing in your favorite city or town. Do you have a favorite place in mind? Perhaps it is the city you were born in, where you met that special someone, or your favorite vacation spot. Now you can decorate your space with a beautiful map of that special place.

Custom Designed Map Canteen Bottles

Custom Designs

Dave from New Jersey recently sent us a request to create a custom set of bottles for an upcoming camping trip. He wanted a map of a camp site on the Allegheny River in Ohio with a callout for the camp location, a label of the river, and engraved names on the caps. As Dave explained, this is a trip he's taken with his buddies for the past 25 years. They started in high school and they've continued the tradition ever since. What an amazing tradition indeed!

Custom Engraved Patriots Place Map Tumbler

Maps of Stadiums

Did you know that you can map most stadiums in the US. Here are a few of our favorites, including the current Champions New England Patriots, the Mile High Stadium in Denver, and Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara. It is super easy to design your own custom map engraved tumbler. Just pick the bottle style that you like, search for a location, place, or landmark (like your favorite team stadium), then pan/zoom the map to your liking. You can even add a custom inscription such as the name of your favorite fan.

How we designed Ember Map Style

How we designed Ember

Maps take in 3 dimensions and spit out 2 dimensions. They can be technical yet visual, informative yet fictional, data-driven yet abstract. Most importantly, they tell stories–where you adopted your darling poodle terrier, where you spent collegiate days drooling on economics notes, where you spilled your IPA on your now-fiancée. As an avid map lover, I was delighted to design an interactive map style for our “choose a place, any place, and we’ll print your map to create a literally one-of-a-kind gift” products.

Alor Setar Carved Wood Map Matching Phone Cases

Alor | Setar

It’s no secret that we love maps at We love how maps allow someone to tell a unique story about themselves, whether it’s the location of their home or where they grew up. We recently received a beautiful note from one of our customers, Alice from California, who purchased a pair of phone cases for her parents.