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Democratization of Design

Democratization of Design

We are a team of designers, engineers, product development experts who want to push the boundaries of customization. We strongly believe in the democratization of design, championed by our mentor Dan Makoski - that anyone is capable of designing something beautiful and meaningful if provided with the right framework.

We've developed design tools that enable you to put your own design imprint without being overwhelmed by traditional customization widgets. We let you tell a unique story... your favorite place, where you met someone for the first time, or where is home.

Dan Makoski


We've partnered with some of the best companies around to ensure your designs are decorated on only the highest-quality products, companies like Carved in Indiana who specializes in wood phone cases. They have an amazing story of their own and we'll be working with them on many projects in the future.

Map Case


We like maps, but not just any old map. We like maps that tell a story — the story of you. Customize one of our products with a representation of where you come from, or where you might be going. It’s no coincidence that our products were made to go along for the journey. We work with designers with a knack for interactive, dimensional design to deliver a high quality, durable product. Everything is customized by you, and made in the USA.


We recently teamed up with McDonald's to create an absurbly over-top marvel of engineering and design - The J STRAW delivers a perfect combination of mint and cholocolate flavours for you to enjoy the dual-layered Cholocolate Shamrock Shake. We thought it was a fun and neat project. We didn't expect it to end up on national TV!

As seen on Good Morning America

The Frork

Our latest innovation for McDonald's is a superflously useful, and ludicrously awesome Frork! We designed the Frork in collaboration with Studio 20 Design. We also teamed up with noted pitchman Andrew Sullivan for the infomercial.

The McDonalds Frork

The McNugget Dunker

To celebrate the introduction of the McDelivery service in partnership with UberEats, we create a special swag item for the launch. This fun little device turns your McNugget experience into a dunk tank for your favorite McNugget sauce!

McNugget Dunker

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